Monday, July 21, 2014

Eyejot in the classroom

Here is a sample eyejot video message I created so you know what the browser will look like when opened.

Now how can we use eyejot as a tool for instruction?  

  • Create a welcome message for students when you are absent
    • This will set the expectation that they are still to keep your rules in mind when a substitute is present.  
    • It will get students to understand (possibly) why you had to be absent but also lets them know that you wish you could be there with them.
    • You can convey important information or reminders for students without the fear that a substitute will forget to remind students of something important.
  • Create an introductory video message for parents
    • As parents give you their email addresses, you can create a personalized (or generic but warm) video message introducing yourself and relaying important information.
    • Parents can do the same back to you.  This visual message helps to decrease the chance of miscommunication or understandings that sometimes happen via emails or text messages.
  • Have students create video messages for any of the following occasions...
    • public speaking practice
    • read a short story to younger students via a video message
    • provide peers with verbal feedback for peer editing assignments
    • praise other students for positive behavior
    • send recordings with questions and dialogue about a particular book students are reading to students in a different school that are reading the same text
    • send their teacher a video message (for questions, concerns or individual feedback)
  • Also please refer to other ideas I mentioned previously in a post about ways to use eyejot within instruction (principal feedback, parents can message their children etc.).


  1. Here is a link to my eyejot comment! Thanks for sharing this with us, Holli!
    (Sorry, I can't seem to figure out how to link in a comment.)

  2. I just thought of another idea: This could be used to give directions for a project, or given with his/her work to a student who was absent, or a welcome message on a website. :)

  3. Loved your video! :) And I like the idea of using it to give directions. We could use it as giving directions for a center or station so the students don't need to disturb the teacher's reading group to ask for instructions. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. Don't miss the "Embed This Message" button on the right to embed your Eyejot in your blog, Weebly page, Wiki, or whatever.