Friday, July 18, 2014


Skype is a widely used tool for connecting with friends and family whether near or far.  People all over the world use this tool to have live video sessions with one another.  And it does not only apply to just two people.  Groups can come together as use Skype to communicate.  One downfall that I have found with Skype is that the users most both be online to communicate in a live call.  It requires a bit of planning and coordinating schedules but I have found it is well worth it!  So to answer some questions you may have....
  • Is Skype free? ...YES
  • Can I use it on my phone? ...YES (as long as you have an online connection)
  • Do I need an account? ...Yes but it is easy to do and free!
  • Can I make calls to landlines or cell phones?  Yes, for a small fee!
  • Can I send/receive text messages using Skype? Yes, and again for a small fee
  • What devices can I use Skype on?  For a complete list of all devices, please click here
  • What do I need to get started?
    • webcam
    • headset
    • internet connection
 For more information and to read other blogs about the latest trends and tips about Skype, click here :)

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  1. I used Skype once to talk with a cousin in Colorado and some of my family out there visiting her! As your post points out, the coordination part was tough. I gave up. But then I got an iPad and discovered FaceTime. It seems easier to use but, hey, that's an Apple product for you, isn't it? I love being able to Skype or FT, regardless of the tool. It is great for family connecting. I can imagine it would be great for classroom use to. I've never tried that though. New waters to venture into. Thanks for putting it on my radar again.