Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Live Binder Tips & Tricks

Okay so after playing around with Live Binder, I started uploading and organizing all my materials from the grade I was in last year (3rd grade).  Everything that was on my computer/hard drive is now saved in my Live Binder.  Here are 5 important things that I learned...

1)  Creating a binder takes less than 2 minutes and is EASY AND FREE!

2)  You can create multiple tabs (so you are not limited to just 3).  AND you can create subtabs within those tabs.

3)  Color coding the tabs is an option so you can stay organized!

4)  You can upload resources that are saved on your computer or find resources on the internet (videos, blogs, dropbox etc.)

5)  Privacy settings can maintain confidentiality if you are putting student information in your binder.  For example, you could have a portfolio for each of your students and keep data and work samples handy and organized!  Now if you want to share resources with another teacher, parent or student, you can create a password to allow them (and only them) access.

There is soo much more!  Great way to store files and information.  I plan on using this tool to keep and collect data on students so I have everything digitally stored for parent teacher conferences.  I could snap a picture of student work and then upload it.  Depending on county policy I will most likely be using student initials instead of full names in order to play it safe.

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  1. Very cool idea about using this to store student records for conferences. I might try that! LiveBinder also looks like a great way to create electronic student portfolios. Although it's not something I think I would use in my math classes, I'm pretty sure some of my English and Social Studies colleagues who collect and grade physical binders would love using this tool for those purposes. I can think of a couple people I will be emailing about this ASAP! Thanks for sharing!