Thursday, July 17, 2014


Eyejot is something new to me.  It is a video messaging platform that allows the client to provide a more comprehensive message for their peers, co-workers, family and friends.  The benefit of using eyejot instead of sending a text or an email message is the more personal and visual message it can provide.  The video makes the message meaningful and natural for the user.  Eyejot boasts that no one will be misunderstood and no message will be misinterpreted with the use of eyejot messaging.  Check out the Eyejot page I created to watch a video on practical use and to find links to the eyejot webpage for additional information.

Eyejot in the classroom...
  • Leave personal messages with feedback on assignments for your students
  • Have students peer edit one another's work and provide feedback via eyejot
  • At back to school night, parents can leave their child a message with encouragement and praise
  • The principal can leave the whole class a message about behavior, praise or recognition or birthday messages.
  • Students can leave messages for peers in other classes or other grades when collaborating
  • Students can leave messages for students in another school across the country or across the world when working together

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