Sunday, July 20, 2014

Live Binder

Live Binder!
What a great tool to store resources electronically and keep them organized!  I have so many 3 ring binders that house my resources for lessons for grades K-5.  As a special educator I can be placed in any of the 6 grades each year so I consider myself a hoarder of lesson plans for all those grades.  Now I tend to have to get rid of MANY of those binders with a constantly changing curriculum and new ways we are told is "best practices" for teaching and instructing students.  So I think that having an electronic version of all these resources would be fabulous!  The clean up would be much neater too :)

Anyways... on to the tool...
Here are some neat features, tips and facts about this particular tool...

  • It is free! :)
  • Versatile & can provide resources for students, substitutes, parents, teachers, administration and more!
  • Can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, Android App, Chrome App, Computers
  • The site provides users with free tutorials, trainers/content & grade specific "experts", and sample binders.
Here is what you get for your money...

And, side note--> 
 Check out this great example that works as a resource for examples of flipped learning!

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